OHS Culture and Coaching: Ferron's concept


OHS culture begins with management’s commitment to providing the most hazard-free environment possible (1).

Leaders ensure the provision of the most hazard-free environment and equipment possible, which helps eliminate and reduce at source (2A).

When it is not possible to eliminate and reduce hazards at source, leaders must ensure that programs are in place that define the roles and responsibilities of all (2B).

Leaders communicate the hazard management strategy from the top down so that everyone understands their roles accurately in hazard management (3A).

All team members contribute to the deployment of the hazard management strategy in a consistent manner and are supported by the management team (3B).

Execution and thoroughness must be as perfect as possible (100%). Tolerance and complacency must be eliminated from the organization’s culture, as the organization is accountable for employee OHS in the immediate term (4A).

Everyone’s involvement and team engagement in the hazard management strategy is critical to success, as well as to decreasing resistance to change.

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