OHS management assessment tool

The Diagnosstic tool allows the user to assess his or her level of mastery of the main strategic elements in occupational health and safety management. Its content is based on the three major duties of managers in occupational health and safety i.e. the duties of foresight, effectiveness and authority.

These three major duties constitute each of the sections of this self-assessment tool. A total of 40 theory and self-assessment worksheets are covered on topics such as:

– Risk analyses (by job, ergonomic, machine safety, industrial hygiene)

– Objectives, action plans, budgets and performance indicators

– Human behavior management (roles and responsibilities, training, induction, probation, evaluation, discipline)

– Implementation of audit systems (documentation, internal, external audits)

– Rigor, accountability, engagement, involvement, positive reinforcement and more

The ultimate goal is for each manager or organization to be able to self-assess and be able to implement a 20-80 strategy, i.e. based on the 20% of actions that will yield 80% of the results.
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