In order to manage the different types of risks present in your organization as well as the different elements to be controlled in terms of health and safety, organizations must implement a management system or even a prevention program.

This system or program is made up of different activities that help manage the risks, such as different procedures, risk and legal compliance analyses, training programs or even health and safety regulations.

In order for managers to take ownership of these health and safety management systems, they must be as simple as possible and realistic. My approach is to make the most of what you have, simplify it as much as possible where feasible, and help you implement the missing parts (if any) strategically.

It’s also possible to have a system in place that’s easy to use.It is also possible to assist you in setting up control loops and continuous improvement of your OHS management to avoid eternal restarts and the eventual collapse of your performance.

Marc-André Ferron has established himself as a leading OHS consultant in Quebec as well as an elite partner for your organization. Request a quote or get more information:

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