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Implanting a healthy “culture” around occupational health and safety is a common desire for many organizations and has been for many years. The topic of health and safety culture is so trendy, it’s almost impossible to talk about health and safety without it coming up.

The topic of health and safety culture has been on the rise for years.

However, while thousands of organizations are trying to change their culture, a tiny minority are succeeding. The reason so many companies fail in their quest is regularly not due to their lack of effort.

The main reason why so many companies fail is because they are not trying hard enough.

The main reason so many organizations fail is…what will be revealed to you at this conference.

If you fully implement the principles that will be presented, you are 100% guaranteed to achieve the OHS culture of your dreams!

Target Audience

– Health and safety managers (director, coordinator, advisor)
.- Managers (general manager, director, supervisor)
– OHS representative or OHS committee member (with experience)

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