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Strategic OHS management…
20% effort… 80% results!

Manage OHS with 20% effort… for 80% results

Duration: 3 hours

Purpose of the course

After the training, participants will be able to understand the concepts behind strategic OHS management, as well as their roles and responsibilities in the day-to-day management of safe operations.


• Targeting where managers can intervene strategically in OHS.

• Understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

• Putting 20% of the effort into achieving 80% of the results.

• Maximizing the impact of OHS investments.

• Ensuring compliance with legal OHS requirements.

• Supporting or clarifying the organization’s OHS strategy.

• Ensuring due diligence and that of the organization.

• Avoiding the main pitfalls and benefit from best practices

Target clientele

• Managers at all hierarchical levels

• Human Resources Managers

• OHS Managers

• OHS Union Stakeholders and JOHS Members

Pricing ·
Private group (up to 12 participants): $2,450+tx Click here ·
Private coaching training: $750 +tx Click here ·
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Learning Objectives

  • Reduce the number of injuries in your organization
  • Do your homework in health and safety management and build your diligence
  • Put in 20% effort to get 80% results
  • Maximizing the benefits of OHS investments
  • Avoiding the main pitfalls

Target Audience:

  • Directors and managers
  • OHS and HR stakeholders
  • Employee Representative
  • OHS Committee Members
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