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Marc-André Ferron’s mission is to make health and safety management accessible to all whether through consultation, conferences, training, coaching or publications.


Marc-André Ferron’s training sessions are accessible to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of their OHS roles and responsibilities. Personalized to your needs, they are based on facts and concrete. Any learner will be able to apply the concepts learned right out of class.

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and webinars

In recent years, Marc-André Ferron has addressed more than 35,000 people via conferences or webinars. Vulgarized, concrete and focused on a message that captures the attention of participants, the conferences reinforce your organization’s message in its desire to reduce the number of accidents and improve the effectiveness of prevention approaches.


Marc-André Ferron has over 25 years of experience in OHS management. To date, he has worked with more than 700 companies and organizations in all sectors of activity. As a consultant, his approach is simple and based on a formula of 20% effort that generates 80% results.

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Can OHS management books get so interesting that you feel like reading them on a Saturday morning while drinking your coffee? Definitely! All of the books in the Manage Health and Safety series are made to be read by any OHS manager or practitioner in less than four hours. They are popularized in a simple manner and the content is concrete and applicable everywhere.


The OHS management concepts published by Marc-André Ferron are concepts that are now internationally recognized (Ferron’s Curve, Ferron’s Pyramid, OHS Culture Target and Safety Behavior DNA). They provide an understanding, in one image, of the essential OHS management principles. The famous saying that mentions “a picture is worth a thousand words,” applies perfectly to these principles.

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Marc-André Ferron Coach, Consultant and OHS Trainer


How can Marc-André Ferron help you in your health and safety management efforts? Marc-André Ferron is an international consultant, speaker and author specializing in health and safety management.

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